Cloud Support Manager and Troubleshooter - Americas

About NobleProg and DaDesktop

NobleProg Group originated in Poland in 2005. Currently turned into one of the biggest Training and Consulting company on the planet.

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DaDesktop is a Public, Private and On-site cloud solution for training and development teams. More information at

Job Location

Americas. The work is 100% remote.


Our team is distributed worldwide. You will interact with System Admins (located in Poland and China), Developers (UK, Canada, China, India), Coordinators in Europe, the Middle East and other team members distributed around the planet.

Problem description

Provision of the courses requires substantial resources. DaDesktop provides these resources in as simple as possible form. Due to the cutting-edge nature of technologies being used during training, environments needs to be constantly upgraded and adjusted. Problems facing the process of upgrading and development the cloud can be divided in two categories:

  1.  Training specific problem, for example:
    1. Docker network compatibility with DaDesktop network
    2. performance of specific training environment in specific virtualization technologies vs performance of specific virtualization technology (LXC, KVM, VirtualBox, etc...)
  2. Strategic direction problem, for example:
    1. cost and availability of infrastructure in a specific region
    2. support of remote desktop technologies features like sound, multiple screens etc...

The candidate will be responsible for troubleshooting training specific problems as well as designing long term solutions for development of DaDesktop.


Your role is to assure smooth delivery of courses in DaDesktop environment. This would predominantly include:

  • helping trainers preparing more complex training labs
  • monitoring and gathering feedback from trainers (or other customers) about different solutions
  • actively monitoring delivery of courses to ensure smooth operation
  • reply to users of DaDesktop on help chat
  • helping trainers installing software required for training
  • troubleshooting any problems appearing during the process
  • designing solution to solve the problems

Optional undertakings:

  • Deliver short corporate IT training courses
  • Support consultancy engagements as required

Skills Required:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interest in trends software and in hardware (x86, ARM, etc...)
  • Excellent knowledge of Linux (more Ubuntu, less Centos),
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems in Windows and MacOS
  • Virtualization environment (KVM virt-manager, VirtualBox, LXC, etc...)

Nice to have:

  • Familiarity with reflinks, deduplication, KVM, LXC
  • Cloud scalability, migration etc...

We can offer:

  • Opportunities to attend training courses
  • Support and mentoring from our existing team
  • Work with the newest, cutting edge technologies
  • Competitive remuneration and incentive system

We would expect:

  • dedication, enthusiasm and a lot of self-learning

Equal Opportunities:

  • NobleProg embraces diversity and is committed to the principle of equality among its employees; providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of whether individuals are employees, customers, suppliers, agents or otherwise. We believe all employees and job applicants have the right to be protected from unfair treatment and we will only differentiate on merit and the ability to do the job.



Job Type: 
Full Time, Permanent