Train the Trainer Design Thinking


21 hours


Kick off online – 1 hour  a week before the course 

Follow up session online – 1 hour up to two weeks after the course 



Design Thinking is one of the most effective way to solve creatively complex business and social challenges. Teams and organizations which want to adapt this approach in effective and suitable way require facilitation of Design Thinking Trainers. Professional trainer must have knowledge both in scope of Design Thinking process and how adults can effectively learn new skills.  

During the Design Thinking – Train The Trainer Course participants will develop and practice a complete training program which will be ready to be applied. 

Course objective 
At the end of this training participants will have learned principles of design thinking framework, how adults learn and practiced the skills to create and efficiently conduct a design thinking training course. 


Course Outline

Day 1 

Module 1: Design thinking - introduction and experience 

  • Design thinking process and principles 

  • Exercise: Design thinking problem solving practice 

  • Design thinking as a subject of training course 

Module 2: Training course development process 

  • Building blocks of an effective training course 

  • Defining course objectives 

  • Audience and course details analysis 

  • Exercise: building high level design thinking course concept 

Module 3: Keys to adult learning 

  • Adult learning styles in a continuous circle 

  • Training methods and levels of impact 

  • Exercise: choosing the correct methods that supports training course concept 

Day 2 

Module 4: Learning activities 

  • Objective of learning activities 

  • Case study elements 

  • Exercise: writing dedicated case study 

  • Learning circle activity design 

  • Exercise: learning circle facilitation 

Module 5: Training resources  

  • Visual resources overview 

  • Room set-up and technical aspects 

  • Training materials for participants 

  • Exercise: choosing the correct resources that supports training course concept 

Module 6: Design thinking course final format 

  • Review of the training program consistency 

  • Unexpected situations, that Design Thinking trainer has to be prepared for 

  • Exercise: try out the course 

Day 3 

Module 7: Training course demo session 

  • Exercise: team presentations of developed course modules 

  • Silent feedback/feed forward session 

Module 8: Training course evaluation process 

  • Elements of evaluation 

  • Areas of assessment 

  • Exercise: developing evaluation form 

Module 9: Closing