Trainer Job

For Whom

  • If you want to provide training on a freelance basis
  • If you want to add new courses
  • If you work full-time but you want to provide training occasionally (you need to be available either over weekends, evenings or a couple of days a year during normal working hours)
  • If you are a specialist in your field and you would like to share your knowledge with others

What For

  • Our training coordinators can find you when we need your skills
  • You can upload your CV, work summary, etc..
  • You can create new courses or edit existing one

Quality Instructors

  • NobleProg instructors do more than just lecture—they actively get those participating involved in the training which makes the learning experience more enjoyable.
  • The lectures are followed by hands-on exercises so that the student can practise and master new skills and questions are always welcomed.
  • If this is how you like to work then we are the company for you.

The Selection Process

  1. General Interview (5-10 min) 
  2. Techical Interview (up to 30min)
  3. Delivering a mock training (up to 1h)

It costs nothing, and it takes 10 minutes to fill out your profile and you can edit your information whenever you wish.