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Looking for new projects? Join our NobleProg Freelance Trainer community and receive new opportunities from all across the world!

By joining our international trainer community, you will be able to:


  • Provide engaging training courses - either in-class or online - on a freelance basis.
  • List your own courses on our website making use of our global infrastructure and google positioning to ensure more projects.
  • No need to quit your full-time job NobleProg allows you the flexibility to deliver courses during afternoons or even weekends.
  • Share you knowledge and interact with other like-minded individuals.
  • Travel to a variety of countries: USA, Canada, South America, Europe, India, China and more, with all travel and lodging expenses paid by NobleProg!


How does it work?

  1. While registering, you will be prompted to upload your resume, work summary and identify which courses you would like to deliver.
  2. Our NobleProg coordinators will reach out to you with offers for the courses you identified. You will also be able to add new courses and edit existing ones.
  3. Upon receiving an offer, if this is your first time delivering the course, you will be asked to take part in our interview process.


The Interview Process

  1. General Interview (5-10 min) 
  2. Technical Interview (up to 30min)
  3. Delivering a sample training (up to 1h)


Quality Instructors

  • NobleProg instructors do more than just lecture — they actively get those participating involved in the training, which makes the learning experience engaging and unique.
  • Lectures are followed by hands-on labs and exercises, allowing for the student to apply the theory into practice and master their newly acquired skills.
  • We pride ourselves in living up to the highest standards of course delivery. Our instructors are top-quality professionals and specialists in their field.


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