Business Development Agent

Who should apply?

Inspiring entrepreneurs who ultimately want to run their own business (a NobleProg Franchise), but may not have enough experience and/or funds to do it at the moment.

A Business Development Agent works through a NobleProg Agent company. A NobleProg Agent is a way of running your own business with NobleProg support. It is very similar in responsibilities to a Franchisee, but it does not require the full initial investment.

The assumption is that the Agent will in time become a full NobleProg Franchisee.

Agent Responsibilities

  1. Set up a business within the agreed territory
  2. Promptly handle customer enquiries
  3. Organize training courses
  4. Recruit local trainers
  5. Maintain relationship with customers
  6. Works in a specific territory
  7. Additional information on Franchisee responsibilities can be found here:

NobleProg Responsibilities

  1. Initial training to the Agent
  2. Cover the cost of setting up the Agent business and to provide performance based remuneration
  3. Ongoing business support
  4. 24/7 technical support
  5. Set up and maintain the systems

Agent Benefits

  1. Day one income
  2. Performance based remuneration
  3. Smooth transition into becoming a Franchisee
  4. Agent retains most of the profits

Becoming a Franchisee

  1. An Agent who performs well can buy a Franchise license
  2. The initial Franchise Fee for the territory for the Agent territory is discounted 30% of the market value
  3. If Agent refuses the purchase of the territory, they lose it or can be employed by the new Franchisee


  1. Criminal Record
  2. Credit Check
  3. One reference (former employer, employee, university professor, etc...)

Contract Duration

  1. 1 year, subject to targets


  Coordinator/Account Manager Agent Franchisee
Initial Investment N/A Low Moderate
Relative risk N/A Low Moderate
Delegate Work Cannot Can Should
Contract Duration employment 1 year 5 years
Performance Criteria N/A Targets Minimum System Fee
Termination by NobleProg 30 days notice Targets Strict Contractual Conditions
Typical Career Level Entry Entry to Mid  Experience Needed
Accountability Franchisee Franchisor Contract
System Fee N/A 15% 12.5%

To apply, please fill out the form here:


Does the Franchisor pay for employees if an Agent want to Employ someone?

Usually no, but it is negotiable.

Is a physical office required at the beginning


How long does it take for the business to generate profit?

It is already profitable

Are there any targets?

We usually set up 6 month and a 12 month target.

Do I need to become a Franchisee?

You will be encouraged to become a Franchisee, but there is no official requirment or deadline. Each year performance is assessed and parties can agree to transfer into franchisee, continue as an agent or not to continue the contract.

Do I have priority over an external prospect Franchisee to buy my Territory

Yes, you also have a 30% discount on the market price