Coordinator/Account Manager for HK and Macau customers 香港澳门地区协调员/客户经理

About NobleProg 关于NobleProg

  1. 2005 in Europe, NobleProg is a global managed training provider.
  2. At present headquartered in New York, London and Warsaw.
  3. Currently expanding in other countries through Franchising (
  4. Our offer of training and consultancy ranges from strategic management, process management, statistics, biotechnology to programming.
  5. Our cost effective business modEstablished el, allows profit from small training group sizes (usually one person) thereby providing highest possible quality. 
  6. Company web:


  1. l北京诺波咨询有限公司是一家培训和咨询提供商。
  2. l公司提供人工智慧,IT,统计,管理,程式设计的培训和咨询服务。
  3. l我们采用低成本高效的商业模式,使我们能够提供小组培训(甚至一对一培训)并确保我们提供高品质的培训。
  4. l公司成立于2005年,总部设在英国伦敦并在欧洲和美国建立了特许经营和分公司。
  5. l公司网站


Training Coordinator Responsibility 培训协调员工作范围

  1. Answering the enquiries from potential customers, both from online enquiries or phone call enquiries
  2. Preparing comprehensive quotations for NobleProg offering
  3. Negotiating agreements with customers and overseeing their progress
  4. Taking care of the end to end process of delivery of consultancy and training in terms of customer expectations
  5. Passing on customers expectations and needs to course development team
  6. Business development of existing client base, upselling training, consultancy & Managed Training offering
  7. Identify and manage new business opportunities
  8. Online Marketing
  9. Promoting the NobleProg brand in relevant seminars and networking event


  1. l接受来自潜在客户的查询,包括在线查询或电话查询
  2. ll为客户提供全面报价
  3. ll与客户达成协议并监督其进展情况
  4. l在客户期望的过程中,关注咨询和培训端到端的流程
  5. l将会将客户的期望和需求提供给开发团队
  6. l现有客户群的业务发展,向上销售咨询和管理培训
  7. l识别和管理新的商机
  8. l在线营销
  9. l在相应的论坛和社交活动中提升NobleProg的知名度

Candidate Requirements 候选人条件

  1. Ability to self-organize processes
  2. Obligatory proficiency in English, Cantonese, nice to have Mandarin
  3. Skills in leadership and negotiation
  4. Technical knowledge of the IT will be a beneficial but not required


  1. l能够自行组织销售流程
  2. l运用英语,粤语工作能力强
  3. l领导和谈判技能
  4. lIT背景有加分,但不是必需的

Work Environment and Remuneration 办公环境与佣金

  1. Negotiable remuneration (usually base salary RMB4,000+ commission)
  2. Ability to work from home
  3. Long term engagement 
  4. Work with ambitious, multinational team


  1. l报酬(通常是基薪RMB4000+佣金)
  2. l在家办公
  3. l有信心长期与公司一起发展
  4. l与雄心勃勃的跨国团队合作

If you’re interested into such position. Please contact Judy Zhang

如果你对此职位感兴趣,请联系Judy Zhang

Job Type: 
Full Time, Permanent