Linux Administrator

NobleProg is an international company established in 2005 in Poland, currently headquartered in Beijing and London. Please read about us more at:

What we offer

  • participation in unlimited number of courses
  • international, highly efficient international team
  • dealing with cutting edge technology and interesting problems
  • work in flexible hours

Problem Description

  1. We are currently rapidly expanding our IT infrastructure mainly consistent of
    1. Our own data centres
    2. Physical Nodes (US, Germany, China...)
    3. Various cloud providers (predominately AWS, Aliyun, GCP...)
  2. We 80+ run front-end sites (e.g. and Virtual Training Environment which needs to be quickly deployed to the location closest to the customer

You will be responsible for:

  1. Designing scalable solution with ideally full automation
  2. Implementing your solution
  3. Smoothing deployment and scalability (MySQL, Elasticsearch, PHP)
  4. Maintaining/implementing security and SSO solution (for internal stuff, trainers and clients)
  5. Deploying training environment in seconds to multiple locations (now it is still semi-manual process)
  6. Supporting our franchisees and customers
  7. Providing courses and consultancy for our customers (optionally)

Required Technologies

  1. Linux (Ubuntu, Arch...)
  2. LXC, KVM....
  3. LDAP, CAS.....
  4. Apache Web Server
  5. MySQL

Should Have Skills

  1. SSL Certificates (Letsencrypt, etc...)
  2. MySQL replications
  3. Elasticsearch
  4. AWS, Aliyun
  5. Networking Skills
  6. PHP, Python


  1. Remote
  2. Our office in HQ in China (Zhuhai), Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw), Germany (Berlin)

Training provision and participation

The candidates can also have opportunity to participate or/and provide courses if they wish to do so. Shall the candidate choose to provide the course, they can take time off from typical responsibility to prepare and deliver the course.


As NobleProg is dedicated to provide equal opportunities, please remove  race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin from your CV.

Job Type: 
Full Time, Permanent