DaDesktop Server Purchasing Manager

We are looking for an individual for passion for computer PC and Server hardware. DaDesktop is a revolutionary new way of delivering hands-on lab environment for IT and other training, as well as delivering collaborative spaces for work.


What is DaDesktop Server?

DaDesktop develops servers for specific use:

  1. they are mostly deployed in offices rather than datacenters, therefore they have to be quiet
  2. designed to work without specialist team available (i.e. repairs needs to be done by office staff rather than hardware engineers)
  3. use a lot of RAM (512G to few terabytes) 

We use components used in data centers servers, office servers and high-end gaming machines.


Candidates should have:

  1. understanding and interest of server, and desktop hardware
  2. good at Linux operating system (Ubuntu preferable)
  3. familiarity with newest hardware
  4. ability to communicate with factories and suppliers and negotiate conditions of purchase (taobao, manufactures, etc...)
  5. ability to assess reliability of the hardware and risk related to hardware itself and the supply chain
  6. communicate in written English and understand spoken English (being able to communicate in English is a plus, but Chinese is primary language)

Candidate will be responsible for:

  1. Researching hardware and testing it in context of DaDesktop servers
  2. Contacting factories and sellers to prepare products according to our requirements
  3. Optimizing cost delivery, assembly and procurement costs
  4. Testing hardware


We have R&D centre in China, Guangdong, Zhuhai (广东珠海), but we can open new R&D office in Shenzhen or other place if suitable candidate is found



Job Type: 
Full Time, Permanent