SEO Specialist

NobleProg manages 200+ sites which require constant SEO (e.g.,, etc...).
We are looking for an SEO specialist to manage all search engine optimization and marketing activities. You will be responsible for managing all SEO activities such as content strategy, link building and keyword strategy to increase rankings on all major search networks.

NobleProg uses automated approach to SEO testing, we detect problems on our websites before Google tells us there is a problem, therefore this position requires people understanding or willing to understand automated testing of website. This includes high performance HTML validators, Linkcheckers, Spell checkers, automatic detection of missing elements, analysis of missing keywords, etc... This needs to be done in near real time, therefore optimization of performance is part of the job.


  1. Research and implement tools for automatic linkchecking, html validation, etc... (e.g. linkchecker, tidy, etc...) in Linux command line
  2. Execute tests, collect and analyze data and results (Elasticsearch Apache Logs, Matomo, Google Analytics)
  3. Design and A/B test new concepts
  4. Optimize copy and landing pages for search engine marketing
  5. Perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimization
  6. Research and implement search engine optimization recommendations
  7. Work with the development team to ensure SEO best practices are properly implemented on newly developed code
  8. Work with editorial teams to drive SEO in content creation and content programming
  9. Recommend changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors to improve SEO positions for target keywords
  10. Design and help developers implement automated testing for elements (e.g. which boost SEO


  1. Proven SEO experience
  2. Expierence in using tools for automated validation of HTML sites (e.g. linkchecker, wget2, tidy, w3c-linkcheck, etc...)
  3. Ability to use Linux command line for running analytics tools and looking at Web Server (Apache) logs
  4. In-depth experience with website analytics tools (e.g, Google Analytics)
  5. Working knowledge of HTML, CSS. Basic knowledge PHP and JavaScript is a plus
  6. Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO
Job Type: 
Full Time, Permanent