NP-Complete problem and Complex Logic solution designer and Technical Architect

NobleProg is a global leader in corporate training and consulting. We are headquartered in Hong Kong, London and Zhuhai (China).

NobleProg developed systems for sales, organization and delivery of courses including custom build Cloud Desktop solution called We are looking for people who want to solve very complex problem and participate in implementing them in real world.

The candidates will lbe working directly with top executives to solve business problem and choose the best tools and methods. Prospects will also work with development team based in Eurasia (mostly UK, Europe, India and China) to implement them.

Typical problem the candidate would face:

  1. Allocation of resources problem
    1. which servers should be used for specific course depends on participants location, resources needed, server costs and location
    2. which trainer to use for specific course depends on skills, location, availability, etc...
  2. Auto-scaling:
    1. when and were to deploy new servers based on forecast of the demand
    2. should we open datacentre or rent server based of forecast and historical data
  3. Optimization of resources
    1. how to minimize resource utilization (CPU, RAM, Disk-space, network transfer)
  4. Technical Architecture
    1. How to organize data, logic, artifacts to make solution easier to adjust to changing needs
    2. How to transfer new requirements into solution which can be understood and implemented by development team


  1. Transferring business requirements (use cases, UX/UI design) into technical architecture (entity/class diagrams, processes, service orchestration)
  2. Choosing right paradigm to solve the problem (ML, Rule Engine, OOP, Functional Programming, Tables, etc...)
  3. Choosing tools and implementing solution for NP-complete problems (cloud resource allocation, auto-deployment, auto-scaling)


  1. Strong logic and mathematics background
  2. Familiarity with NP-complete tools (e.g. Python Planner, OptaPlanner, etc...)
  3. Ability to write logic in Python3, PHP 8.1, etc...
  4. OMG UML on the technical level
  5. Rule Engines (we use custom build)
  6. Familiarity with basic machine learning libraries and their suitability for given solution (no in-dept of ML is required, emphasis is on application of existing methods)
  7. Ability to express complex problems in simple English

Preferred candidates:

  1. Living in Eurasian Continent timezone
  2. Ability to read/speak standard mandarin
  3. Passion for complex solving


  1. 28k to 120k USD depends on experience and skills



Job Type: 
Full Time, Permanent