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Are you a high-achiever looking to grow a corporate training and consulting business?

Are you an entrepreneur, sales person, or business developer who understands technology?

Or are you an engineer or IT manager looking to expand into the world of business?

Do you want to be part of a unique, open and flat organization, free from bureaucracy and office politics?

Join our friendly and upbeat NobleProg China ( team as we expand into Southern China!



又或者,您是一名希望扩展到商业领域的工程师或 IT 经理吗?


我们正致力于向中国华南地区拓展业务,欢迎加入我们友好、向上的 NobleProg 中国 ( 团队!

The Opportunity

Many companies in China are suffering from a lack of IT talent. This is especially true for large organizations wishing to implement new and emerging open source technologies. The challenge is a big one, and so is the opportunity. The Global Corporate Training Market was valued at 394.20 billion USD in 2020 (according to ResearchAndMarkets). China's large white-collar work force in need of IT up-skilling creates a big opportunity.

NobleProg is taking applications from prospective franchisees looking to build a team from the ground up and go after this business opportunity.


在中国,许多公司都缺乏 IT 人才,希望实施新兴开源技术的大型组织尤其如此。 挑战很大,同样,机遇也很大。根据 ResearchAndMarkets 提供的数据,2020 年的全球企业培训市场价值 3942 亿美元。 中国大量急需提高 IT 技能的白领劳动力创造了巨大的机会。

如果您有意组建团队以抓住这一商机,成为我们在华南地区的加盟商,NobleProg 将期待收到您的申请。

About NobleProg

Established in 2005 in Europe, NobleProg is an international training and consultancy solutions provider. Our customers are multinational organizations, financial institutions, software companies, consulting firms and governments.

Our training and consulting services are focused primarily on new technologies and open source software; examples include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Management and Applied Science, Cyber Security and more.

Operating under a franchise model, NobleProg is expanding its brand globally, while providing individuals the opportunity to operate their own business locally. We have franchisees in Vancouver, New York, London, Berlin, Warsaw, United Arab Emirates, Delhi, Hong Kong and Beijing.

关于 NobleProg

NobleProg 于 2005 年在欧洲成立,是一家国际培训和咨询解决方案提供商。 我们的客户是跨国组织、金融机构、软件公司、咨询公司、政府等。


NobleProg 在特许经营模式下运营,正在全球范围内扩展其品牌,同时为个人提供在当地经营自己业务的机会。 我们在温哥华、纽约、伦敦、柏林、华沙、阿拉伯联合酋长国、德里、香港、以及北京都有特许经营商。

The Benefits

The benefits of becoming a franchisee include:

  • Opportunity to be your own boss.
  • Freedom to work flexible hours from home.
  • Exposure to modern and leading-edge technology.
  • Continuous learning opportunities.
  • Work in an international team environment.
  • Potential to adjust your role as the business grows.
  • Opportunity to grow in an innovative and multi-faceted organization.
  • Chance to work in an open and flat organizational hierarchy, free from bureaucracy.
  • Support from our friendly international team based in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.



  • 有机会成为自己的老板。
  • 在家灵活工作的自由。
  • 接触现代的前沿技术。
  • 持续不断的学习机会。
  • 在国际团队环境中工作。
  • 随着业务的发展,有机会随时调整您的角色。
  • 在创新、多元化的组织中成长的机会。
  • 在开放、扁平的组织结构中工作,不受官僚作风的影响。
  • 收到来自我们位于亚洲、欧洲、美洲的友好的国际团队的支持。

Earning Potential

As a franchisee, you are your own boss.
Your earnings are equal to your revenue minus a fixed-percentage system fee.
There is a one-time, initial franchise fee when you join the franchise.


您的收益 = 您的收入 - 固定百分比的系统费用

If this sounds interesting, we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a great day and we look forward to talking!





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