Trainer Recruiter - UK

NobleProg UK Ltd is part of an international group of companies providing training and consultancy solutions primarily with the IT sector. Growth in demand across our region (including UK, Ireland & Netherlands) has resulted in the need to recruit an individual responsible for recruiting new trainers and consultants to meet that demand.

Key responsibilities of this role are primarily with two areas:

  1. Recruitment – identifying new talent with relevant experience and knowledge along with the interpersonal and presentational skills required to become a NobleProg trainer or consultant.
  2. Facilitation – ensuring and assisting trainers focus on developing, preparing and delivering the course content, while ensuring that they discharge their responsibilities to our clients in a professional and engaging manner.


  • Identifying and prioritizing demand.
  • New trainer recruitment: search, pre-select, (non-technical) interview.
  • Onboarding new trainers: welcome and company introduction, help with creating new account, explain rules and responsibilities etc.
  • Facilitating the delivery of the training from the trainer’s perspective.
  • Help in the improvement of NobleProg’s automation and processes from the trainer’s perspective.
  • Ensuring that trainers have all the information they require in order to provide high quality training.
  • Proof-reading training materials, presentations, etc.
  • Testing the training environment.


The ideal candidate would possess the following traits:

  • Excellent communication and human skills
  • Well versed in an overview of the field of new IT technologies
  • Background in recruitment and/or head-hunter type roles

The remuneration to be discussed. 

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Job Type: 
Part Time, Permanent
Full Time, Permanent